Thursday, July 31, 2008

Latest Summer Blockbuster

Coming to a theater near you:

Left Field Lampoon's Summer Vacation

It is a sad story of a small market GM working for a business-savvy team president who is forced to say goodbye to the super-star ace pitcher that he helped raise from a raw draft pick to Cy Young Award winner when the pitcher's "expectations" don't align with the team's "abilities". Sadness turns to anger when it is reveled that off season inactivity by the GM is what ultimately lead to his demise.

Follow along as the story takes you from the ineffective contract talks in spring training, to the disappointing first three months of the season (in which the entire team struggles, but no one is to blame except a greasy-haired outfielder), to the eventual trading for prospects and PTBNL. Ride the emotional roller coaster as the bullpen blows lead after lead, as the offense squanders opportunity after opportunity and kills rally after rally. Watch the reining AL Cy Young Award winner start the season 0-3 with 13.50 ERA.

Meet the key characters like the peculiar and unemotional manager Cousin Wedgie, who is determined to have his players act in a professional manner and keep their egos in-check by never offering any praise. Paul Dolan, the business-mined, spend-what-you-bring-in team president. Doug Melvin, the general manager with a "the future is NOW!" mentality. Mark Shapiro, the can-do-no-wrong general manager who always comes out looking good. And CC, the fun-loving teddy bear of man who just wants to live his dream and play baseball for the Cleveland Indians.

What others are saying:

Roger Ebert: " root cancel without Novocain was more enjoyable and thankfully, shorter than this movie..."

Chevy Chase: " attorneys are drafting something up right now..."

CC Sabathia: "...Thanks For 10 Great Years..."

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