Friday, July 18, 2008

Sabathia Fires Website Design Firm

MILWAUKEE, WI - CC Sabathia, recently traded to the Milwaukee Brewers, has relieved the design team of his player website ( of their duties. Sabathia, in a request through his publiCCist, asked that the media refer to him as CC without the periods. However, upon reviewing his player website, Sabathia disCCovered several instances were his name was still noted as "C.C.". When questioned about the decision, CC stated "CClearly they do not take that HONOR of designing and maintaining my website serious. It is obvious that they do not realize my importanCCe and that people are lining up for a CChance to design my site." CC CContinued, somewhat CChoked up, "How can I expect the media to honor my request, when my own website design team disregards it! It is simply unaCCCCeptable!" CC then slammed his CCap to the loCCker room floor and stormed out, pouting like the CC we CCame to love in the early part of his CCareer.

LFL, doing it's own review of CC's site, CCounted a total of 15 times that CC is "C.C.". We also found it still mentions him as being a CCleveland Indian, something CC surely would be disappointed to know.

LFL also learned that CC's request for the period removal went even farther; he has requested that when writing a story that references him, reporters are to use double-Cs throughout the story. For example: "CC pitCChed nine CComplete innings, leading the Brewers to viCCtory." Apparently to drive home the point of his importanCCe. He also requested that Bob UeCCker CCall "CC-Ya-Later" whenever CC goes yard during a Brewers radio broadCCast.

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