Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Top 10 Reasons C.C. Should Re-sign

In light of the Indians' season spiraling out-of-control and C.C. heading to the mound tonight for what might be his last appearance in an Indians uniform. It seemed appropriate to post the first of four "Top 10 Reasons" lists relating to C.C.'s pending FA/trade departure.

This represents the Top 10 Reasons C.C. should decide to stay with the Tribe.

Drum roll please...

10. Great opportunity to teach your son a life lesson in loyalty.

9. Think Cleveland fans are harsh? Try starting 0-3 with 13.50 ERA in New York.

8. A home-grown star choosing Cleveland over the money, could be King, well at least Mayor.

7. Trouble pitching in Oakland? Try pitching half your games there.

6. Melting down the Ramirez and Thome statues may yield enough material for your own statue.

5. Most managers will yell and scream when their players are vastly under performing.

4. Additional money will disappear when adjusted for New York/California cost of living rates.

3. Dollar Dog Night.

2. Cleveland's dental converge is the best in the league.


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