Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's Still Early

The Opening Day Festivities have come to an end at rain-soaked Progressive Field and the Tribe has fallen to 0-4 to start the 2009 campaign. The pitching staff has allowed 42 runs in four games and a starting pitcher has yet to make it through the sixth inning.

So we thought the following posting appropriate to help put this "marathon-of-a-season" into prospective:

• If the baseball season was a Marathon it would only be 1,139 yards into the race.

• If the baseball season was a Football Season it would have 10:11 left in the 2nd Qtr in the first game. More specifically, if it was the Cleveland Browns 2008 Season, we would be down 21-7 to the Dallas Cowboys.

• If the baseball season was the Daytona 500 it would be 4 Laps / 12
into the race.

• If the baseball season was the life of an average American it would be 1
yr, 134 days, 33 hrs old

• If the baseball season was the History of the United States of America it would be March 31, 1782.

• If the baseball season was the Star Wars saga it would be 19 minutes into Episode I.

• If the baseball season was a trip from Progressive Field to Goodyear Ballpark it would be 82 Miles away from Columbus, OH.

*All comparison calculations done using LFL's How-Early-Is-It Calculator. A link has been provided so that you can do your own future calculations to help determine if it still is "Early" in the season.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Cup o' Joe

Joe taking a break while working
the drive thru at one of
Goodyear's many Starbucks
GOODYEAR, AZ - Mark Shapiro has been working diligently this last offseason to put the disappointment of 2008 behind him and build for a successful 2009 campaign. So when the poster boy for 2008 let down, Joe Borowski strolled into the Indians brand new facilities in Goodyear, Shapiro was more than a little irritated.

Joe was quickly escorted off the premises and security was informed that he not be allowed back again. Shapiro was quoted as saying "I've worked too damn hard to get this team, especially the bullpen, going in the right direction for this year. I don't need Mr. Chicken-Wire-And-Bubble-Gum-Arm* bringing any bad Karma in here!"

LFL caught up with Borowski later that week while he was taking a break from working the drive-thru at a local Starbucks. The first obvious question was "Why are you working at Starbucks?" Seems Joe was not so good with his money during his 10 plus years in the majors. He explained, "I thought it would go on a little longer...they [the Indians] gave me the impression I would be there awhile...I mean, after that Boston game, if a team still stands by you why would you think they would ever give up on you?" As far as being kicked out of Goodyear, Joe has this response: "I just wanted to say hi to my friends...that Shapiro can be such a jerk."

*Credit To Paul Cousineau @ The DiaTribe for the word combination to explain Borowski's arm make up.